Youth and future of pakistan

If the country is looking to improve health among its citizens and continue to grow their life expectancy rate, then the number of available doctors and nurses needs to continue to grow.

Very few jobs are announced and after a long time the tough competition is created and chance of opportunity decreases. Youth can make a Positive Pakistan. Finally becoming a sovereign state and eventually recognized as an official mark on the map of the world on August 14,this country is known for having deep roots in the Islamic religion.

Youth are future of Pakistan: Should we revive our culture to bring things alive again. We must lend a hand in breaking the cycle of poverty and the most effective way of doing this is to ensure access to quality training, which in turn allows them to earn and to build their own future.

Exaggeration of one leads to individual and social frustration and then the rise of the other and visa versa. This gap generates a challenging environment for the job market as well.

Some causes of Youth Unemployment There can be many causes of the Youth Unemployment in the world; they may differ from region to region.

At the moment Pakistan houses the largest number of youth in its history. Am I Sindhi first. Again i thought it will take a lot of days to absorb each word but when i started this book I got so curious that it took me only 6 hours to complete the whole book.

This reimagination task could occur through a democratic process of collective future envisioning or it could come from the words or images of great artists or others marginal to the present established power structure. But some apparent triggers of youth unemployment in Pakistan and especially rural areas can be as following: But then what kind of leadership.

Given this malaise, there are then a range of strategies available. One-fifth of the members of the National Assembly elected that year were under the age of Solved five years papers and guides are easily available to achieve good grades which hammer the learning skills of students.

Also important in the futures view is the post-structural dimension; the larger meaning system or the epistemological ground plan of the real as embedded in language that constitutes events and structures.

With a birth rate of Even though there are more than ghost schools in Sindh province, which are not working but are under the control of local landlords. Pakistan has placed its strength on unity; a unity that has proved elusive. The best investment in the current scenario is to empower the youth.

Of the 15 largest countries in terms of population Pakistan has the youngest people. Moreover, the problem of the self can but become increasingly problematic with the feminist movement, increased exposure to the outside world through travel and the development of an overseas Pakistani community.

However, the futures view also attempts to place events and choices within an historical dimension; that is, the larger and deeper structures that make these discrete events intelligible, such as core-periphery, urban-rural, gender, caste, and macro patterns of social change.

In the meantime, the hope is that through discipline and privatization Pakistan can join the ranks of the rich. These are the people if guided correctlythen can play a magnificent role in the progress of Pakistan not only economically but also by socially and practically.

As a matter of fact Pakistani population is very young. We will meet a Positive and Green Pakistan.

The political future of Pakistan

A new generation of citizens, using new technology, is ready to close the gap between the abstract promises of the old political elite and the unmet needs of the Pakistani public. However, four million young people between the ages of years are unemployed and this number is set to rise to 8.

What are the possibilities ahead. And frustration as a result of multitude of problems is increasing day by day. They need to change themselves and their attitude and approach must be based on sensibility, responsibility, tolerance and patience.

Where do my loyalties lie. Fully wired and eager for political engagement, the youth bulge is poised to upend politics-as-usual in Pakistan.

Youth Unemployment Needs Attention

Compared to the other countries in the region, the growth rate of Pakistan is about 2. Is Pakistan ready to put health and education before military expansion, that is, to redefine security. This book is showing the real reality of Pakistan eradicating all the negative aspects and elucidating the positive facts and characteristic features of Pakistan.

A powerful anti-extremist youth vote in Pakistan could help Afghan women believe in their future and find some security in their own endeavours. Recommend Rizwan.

That, youth Petitioner, on behalf of herself, the people of Pakistan, and future generations, brings this pro-bono Petition for the protection of her and the people of Pakistan’s Fundamental Rights, as guaranteed by the Constitution.

The political future of Pakistan. The Pakistan Muslim League Youth Wing recently staged a protest because the youth wing had not been given due recognition in the party.

The absence of. Pakistan having so talented youth is a sign that it has a bright future ahead. So let’s promise to work for the development and progress of our nation and change the dreams of. Aug 17,  · General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS), visited Inter Services Publication Directorate (ISPR) on Thursday.

Essay on youth and future of pakistan

COAS congratulated the students on successful completion of the internship. Describing the children and youth as an asset and future of nation, President Mamnoon Hussain Monday urged the country’s youth, who make half of Pakistan’s population, to play their effective role in the progress and prosperity of country in the light of teachings and ideals of Quaid-e .

Youth and future of pakistan
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The Youth of Pakistan have a lot to Contribute to the Global Economy