Video games sport or not essay

I liked it and its a decent paper. Furthermore, the forceful plan by the government is a reaction to an exaggeration of the effects of violent video games and these worries are unfounded.

Within the digital world, people gained an opportunity for self-realization in the online realm, which can be considered an adverse outcome. If every teenager cut down on their gaming time by 30 minutes per day and used this time to study, the whole of that generation would achieve better results and be more likely to have the career that they want.

Advanced technologies resulted in the creation of a new lifestyle in society, which has somewhat different features. They will still get their hands on those games that they desire, whether from a parent, sibling, or older friend.

They require no athletic activity and are rather considered as an entertainment activity. Being a subject of virtual reality, a game creates an illusion of a world very similar to the real but comparably useful for the players.

Genetics play a huge role in a person's personality. Violence can be manifested in various ways, although the most frequently used is attacking, which means demonstrating disrespect in uniquely rude manners to the people around a person.

Thus, personal isolation, inability to proper self-realization in real society, aggressive behavior, the disposition to conducting the crime, the possibility of becoming addicted from certain substances can be identified as the dangerous consequences of the computer gaming addiction.

Many people have argued whether or not video games can be considered as an actual sport, but there is no way video games can fall under the category of being an actual sporting event.

In other words, they obtain a particular habit, which in its turn, reduce their repugnance to being involved in the virtual world of violence. Computer games are an easy and quick escape from reality.

Stop Blaming Video Games! - My Personal Argumentative Essay

As a result of avoiding communication, the building of some relationships with others, and socialization, they develop an addiction to gaming. A professional American football player from any past decade could be transplanted into a current football scenario, and would only have to be told of a few minor rule changes the changes may seem major to some, but are minor in regards to the overall style and goal of the game.

Persuasive Essay: Video Games

They host many tournaments and even have a T. Computer gaming addiction causes violence among adults and children, where the latter social category is exposed to making it more than the first one. As it was mentioned above, stress can become a trigger for addiction.

On the other hand some people, although they already know some of the positive aspects of video games, still believe that the negative aspects will overcome the positive aspects.

The player acts as the leader of an elite anti-terrorist squad consisting of members. They have begun to demand that the government regulate the sale of these games to protect childern. The Nintendo Wii for example, the controllers are motion sensed.

The principles and lessons gleaned from traditional sports emphasize teamwork, collaboration, and critical evaluations of any given game scenario. From these researches, one can see the negative consequences of video games.

Yes, it does take skill to play video games, especially if you are playing online against other people, but nothing physical is involved in playing video games, except for moving your thumbs, if you're playing on a console, or moving your fingers and hands if you are playing on a computer.

To clarify, this relationship finds its realization in various negative and dangerous consequences revealing through the chain of addiction, isolation, demonstration of aggression, violation, conducting the crime and even using alcohol and drugs with the aim of reducing the influence of the childhood background.

The argumentative essay above is dedicated to one of the most acute modern problems — computer gaming addiction. If you want to go to a good college, extra study in your own time will be completely vital, but gaming can reduce your concentration span and make this more difficult.

Graham 12 Share this: However, within such a result, computer gaming addiction lead to dangerous consequences as violence, aggression, and crime. It is not the smallest risk factor, but it is an important one. The context is constantly shifting, and to be a competitive gamer means to adapt to a much more aggressive ruleset than most sports or other games.

There are also dozen or so known risk factors. Video Games has become one of the most popular source of entertainment. Inspired by countless numbers of screaming supporters with lots of cash in prize on the line.

Top competitors must hold up against hard training workouts, but also enjoy good income and business offers. We are not mentioning to. Video games do not require any physical involvement. Other than being good at pressing buttons on a controller, what physical ability do you need to play games?

Yes, it takes a lot of skill, which is indicative of mental ability in some cases, to be a great gamer, but that's not physical and is certainly not a sport.

Feb 16,  · Hey, guys. I just finished my personal argumentative essay about how violent video games do not increase aggression in adolescents. Please tell me what you think, whether it. Many people have argued whether or not video games can be considered as an actual sport, but there is no way video games can fall under the category of being an actual sporting event.

However, with the technology we are making, video games may one day become a sport.4/4(1). This is not to condescend to video gamers, but rather to say the word sport should be reserved for active games which can be played without a screen, and a game that is not.

Why Video Games Should Not Be Considered Sports

A fashionable debate is one of whether competitive video games are sports or not; it’s a source of contention for many gamers and non-gamers alike.

If so-called cyberathletes are competing against formal teams in a formal environment, with real titles and monetary stakes on the line, it seems absurd to not deem the activity a sport.

Video games sport or not essay
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