Future fruits and vegetables supply chain

Indian middle and upper middle class population is growing rapidly with an increase in the number of young working couples. Customized logistics is another important immediate requirement to make logistic effective.

Demand forecasting is one of the important requirements for improving SC effectiveness. Gradually, in emerging economies as well as developments markets, the power of the seller has overtaken that of the customer. In many sectors like automobiles and apparel, SC is practiced with lot of precision.

India ranks first in fruit production in the world with an annual output of 68 million tons. Supply chain like washing, waxing, grading, sorting, packing, pre-cooling, handling facilities, insurance, finance, transport and processing facilities would add value to supply chain functioning.

College of Business Management, Patan Email: Especially there has been a steep rise in the number of vegetable exporters. Generally, these retailers operate on a small scale. This is mainly because of their efficient supply chain. The very nature of land holding by the farmers, varied climate conditions, production spread over worldwide geographical area, mainly in remote villages, diversified consumption patterns and poor SC infrastructure make SCM for fruits and vegetables more complicated.

It involves all the functional aspects of market namely pre and post harvest operations, assembling, sorting, grading, storage, transportation and distribution. Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables are challenging because of the perishability, seasonality and bulkiness and consumption habits of the Indian Consumers.

IQF vegetables is further sub- segment as carrot, beans, peas, corn, potato, broccoli, cauliflower and others tomato, brinjal and cabbage.

Horticultural Statistics,Department of Horticulture http: Cold storages are classified as Agro Food Processing Industry for providing incentives and concessions available to Agro Food Industry. In some reasons, produce is not available and a result, prices are boost up.

It is not necessary that those retailers only have to invest the capital required from the farmers end until the goods reach the ultimate consumers.

Moreover, increasing demand of food manufacturers for preserving food product for longer period so that they could use it as an ingredient in their final product is also fuelling the demand of IQF fruits and vegetables market during the forecast period.

Measures for improving Supply Chain and its Effectiveness There has to be structural changes at different levels - farmers, intermediaries and consumer. SCM not only helps to cut costs, but also adds to maintain and improve the quality of goods and services delivered.

This would not only improve the economic and social status of consumers, but also facilitates the consumers to get quality produce at economical rates. Prabhu M J The main objective of establishing Food and Technology Parks it to promote agro and processing industries in cluster in area where there is predominant production of processable agriculture and Horticulture Products.

IQF Fruits and Vegetables Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025

In this scenario, the country is going to witness rapid developments in retailing. In marketing fruits and vegetables, which are perishable in nature, SC plays a crucial role. It is one of the important marketing functions.

This growth is attributed to the increased disposable income and rising inclination of the consumer for more packaged and convenience food product across the region. Most of the procurements done locally i. The government, private, public-private partnership, cooperatives, technology providers, and even media can play a crucial role.

The covered area under the fresh fruits in India was Ha with the production of MT in Marketing efficiency not only helps in increased production and per capita consumption, but also contributes to economic development of the country.

Consumer demand quality produce at competitive price, at a convenient time and place. The fruits & vegetable (F&V) supply chain is characteristically complex and complicated. More than the transportation and logistics, there are other factors which impact the supply chain.

Unbeatable Trucking Service

Most of these products are highly perishable, strongly price. Fruits and vegetables Supply Chain in This is the limitation of this study and it provides scope for further future research.

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and global supply chain. 1 supply chain management of fruits and vegetables, quality aspects and prospective development through effective business processes. dr. muhammad mushtaq ahmad. Future Fruits & Vegetables supply chain in India Kishore Biyani’s Future Group is making a vigorous push to increase its share in the fruit and vegetables business, a category that has traditionally been an Achilles heel for the country’s largest retailer.

The fruits & vegetable (F&V) supply chain is characteristically complex and complicated. More than the transportation and logistics, there are other factors which impact the supply chain.

Future fruits and vegetables supply chain
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IQF Fruits and Vegetables Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size and Forecast, to